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Ecosystem Restoration


Due to the Oil Exploration activities in Nigeria, the Niger Delta Region has suffered major environmental degradation with major devastation on the mangrove ecosystem, a very sensitive ecosystem within this region. In recent times there has been an increase in clean-up/environmental remediation of such impacted areas; however following the clean-up activities, restoration of these sensitive ecosystem has not been adequately exploited.  Hence the need for the restoration of our mangroves by way of Mangrove nursery and Planting in order to revive this sensitive ecosystem.

Giolee has pioneered the restoration efforts of the mangrove restoration. We have a mangrove Nursey with over twenty thousand mangrove seedlings grown from selected propagules and juveniles. 

We also undertakes awareness trainings for the locals on mangrove planting techniques thereby encouraging restoration efforts.


About Giolee

Giolee Global Resources Limited is a leading Oil and Chemical Spill Emergency Response, Environmental and Waste Management Company in Nigeria that is always here to help.

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