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Clean-up & Remediation

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Site Remediation

Giolee has industry expertise and experience in the remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated sites. We have rendered various clean-up/remediation projects services to reputable clients in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.Some of the projects sites includes swamp and land locations with hydrocarbon contamination at varying depths beyond one meter. Our projects also involves shoreline cleanup and systematic mangrove vegetation cleaning.

Giolee has partnership with Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II) a unique first response bio remediation agent, safe and effective on all types of oil and environments and is completely non-toxic. OSE II breaks down the molecular structure of hydrocarbons through the effects of bio surfactants and over 156 types of enzymes. Remediation of a hydrocarbon Impacted Site can be achieved through many methods. However the methods Giolee employs for Clean-up of land /soil remediation and swamp/creek are:

Methodology for Land/Soil Remediation

  • Site Preparation
  • Tilling of impacted soil
  • Excavation of Hot Spots
  • Bulking of impacted soil
  • Land Farming of bulked soil
  • Construction/breakdown of windrows and soil homogenization with the application of Oil Spill Eater II to remove the contaminate from the soil.

Methodology for creek Remediation

  • Site assessment/Preparation
  • Clean –Up/Clearing of impacted vegetation
  • Mopping of stained vegetation with absorbent pad soaked in OSE II
  • Application OSE II on the imparted area.
  • Application of OSE II on contaminated water, lake and sea.
  • Raking/Packing of oily Debris
  • Moping and trimming Of Stained Vegetation with absorbent pads.



Remediation Team


About Giolee

Giolee Global Resources Limited is a leading Oil and Chemical Spill Emergency Response, Environmental and Waste Management Company in Nigeria that is always here to help.

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