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Ecosystem Restoration

Giolee Global Resources partners with Lewis Environmental Services Inc to provide extensive expertise in the restoration and management of mangrove forest and other wetlands.

Mangrove Restoration Technique: In summary, five critical steps are necessary to achieve successful mangrove restoration:

1. Understand the autecology (individual species ecology) of the mangrove species at the site; in particular the patterns of reproduction, propagule distribution, and successful seedling establishment.
2. Understand the normal hydrologic patterns that control the distribution and successful establishment and growth of targeted mangrove species.
3. Assess modifications of the original mangrove environment that currently prevent natural secondary succession (recovery after damage).
4. Design the restoration program to restore appropriate hydrology and, if possible, utilize natural volunteer mangrove propagule recruitment for plant establishment.
5. Only utilize actual planting of propagules, collected seedlings, or cultivated seedlings after determining (through steps a-d) that natural recruitment will not provide the quantity of successfully established seedlings, rate of stabilization, or rate of growth of saplings established as objectives for the restoration project (Lewis and Marshall 1997).

Planting Mangroves is not difficult provided we observe some basic guidelines. The pre-condition for success is to conduct an initial survey of representative habitats in areas close to the chosen site that should focus on:

1. Mangrove species (number of trees of each species per hectare)
2. Type of substrate
3. Depth of water at high and low tides
4. Salinity of water trapped in mangrove mud at low tide
5. Ground vegetation and mangrove associate plants
It is evident that the best results will be achieved by replicating the exact species mix determined in those findings.

Technical Approach/Methodology:

Giolee’s method of mangrove restoration will employ the following approach to successfully rehabilitate the depleted mangrove and these will include basically;
1. Understand normal hydrology of the area
2. Assess modifications to hydrology or added stress;
3. Restore or create normal hydrology.
4. Seed Sourcing/Stocking
5. Plant mangroves as needed

Site hydrology study
The understanding of the site hydrology is the bed rock of a successful mangrove restoration project. Giolee Global Resources therefore, will undertake the study of the site hydrology and understand the normal hydrologic patterns that control the distribution and successful establishment and growth of targeted mangrove species. Each mangrove species thrives at different substrate level which in some parts indicates the amount of exposure the mangrove will have to tidal waters.

Determination and restoration of Modifications or Disturbances
Giolee Global Resources will take measures to address any technical or social factors that may result to the failure of the restoration project. Giolee will assess the modifications of the original mangrove environment that currently prevent natural recovery after damage.

The modifications or disturbances may include:
1. Blocked tidal exchange that might prevent secondary succession from occurring,
2. Lack of groundwater
3. Shoreline abrasion and lowered substrate level

Restoration Design
Giolee Global Resources will design the restoration program for the identified modifications on the project site. The restoration design will involve a complete confirmation of the remediation project that was done, to ensure new contamination of hydrocarbon does not exist by ensuring the site is within acceptable risk level for the enhancement of mangrove growth.

Seed sourcing /Stocking
Giolee Global Resources Limited currently owns a mangrove nursery which was started in March, 2015 in Andoni community in Rivers State. The mangrove nursery is located in Nyong Orong, Andoni, by the Water Front. The over five thousand (5000) seedlings of this nursery were carefully selected from healthy, ripe propagules from along the Okolo Lunch healthy mangrove forest area through the help of experienced locals and inputs from our technical consultant partners.

Mangrove Planting
The next step in the mangrove restoration after identifying and removing the disturbances will be the transferring of the juvenile mangroves by boat from the nursery to the project site for actual planting.



Planting of seedlings

   Propagates being Nursed    Planting of Nursery
 Clearing weeds from Giolee Nursery Farm  

A view of Giolee nursery Farm

   Pictorial view of Giolee nursery Farm

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