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Oil Spill Response

Onshore Response

Following the risk assessment and development of control measures after a spill incident, the next line of action Giolee carried out is containment and recovery. Giolee Global Resources uses several containment and recovery methods based on the nature of the spill and the environment.


Oil spilled on land can prevent water absorption by the soil, thereby destroying the plant life. Giolee makes it priority  to construct containment pit and line them to avoid contamination to water table, and diver all the spills in that direction for propel containment and them recover the oil with either skimmer or vacuum to ensure  prevention of cross contamination into the groundwater or waterways. Giolee Global Resources has a stock of modern oil spill equipment and devices such as absorbents, vacuums and skimmers built to different shapes and sizes for different spill conditions on land.


Oil spills in rivers and smaller water bodies differ from spills in the open ocean, especially along river shoreline with plants and mangrove. Giolee responders understand the importance of protecting sensitive ecosystem such as mangrove forests. Spill on river and creeks are influenced by direction of river flow and wind. Some of the containment and recovery measures deployed by Giolee includes use of booms, and dike.

Offshore Response

Booms and specialized skimmers are important in removing oil from marine environment. Giolee responders understand the importance of an effective arrangement of equipment deployed in the open ocean for spill containment and recovery. Giolee have train professional responders and huge equipment and logistical support required to undertake containment and recovery operation at sea or ocean. Giolee use specialize spraying system on our vessel to introduce our technology Oil Spill Eater 11, that breakdown the oil and covert them to co2 and water before it reach the shore. Giolee Global have responded to over 180 different oil spills incident for the Nigeria oil and gas industry on land, Creeks and offshore for about 8 years, which put us ahead of our competitors considering our experience and the large scale of resources/equipment at our base.




About Giolee

Giolee Global Resources Limited is a leading Oil and Chemical Spill Emergency Response, Environmental and Waste Management Company in Nigeria that is always here to help.

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