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Waste Management


Different stages of activities in the oil and gas industry often impact negatively on the environment as significant amount of waste is generated.Hence, waste management is one of the major challenges facing the oil and gas industry. The challenges range from technological development to ensuring a clean and safe environment. Onshore and offshore operators have used variety of methods to manage exploration and production wastes. Due to difficulties associated with the management of waste from its removal, transport and treatment, to final disposal, waste management is a key factor in oil and gas operations.

Giolee Global Resources Limited is poised to provide the required services in waste management in line with internationally acceptable best practices and compliance with local environmental regulations. We have technical and resource expert capabilities as well as requisite experience to manage oil industry wastes effectively from cradle to grave. Giolee provides systematic approach for pro-active waste management practices in oil and gas production with a view to reduce or eliminate potential environmental impacts. At Giolee, we follow good waste management principles which serves as guide for different activities and the potential impacts, considering the stage of the process, the size and complexity of the project, as well as the nature and sensitivity of the surrounding environment. We ensure safety at every stage of waste handling, from collection, sorting and loading, transportation, storage, treatment, and final disposal.


Treatment Method

Our waste treatment facility is designed with temporary storage areas. Giolee Global Resources Limited is well equipped to apply different waste treatment methods.


Thermal Desorption

Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) is an indirectly heated rotary drum, which is operated in a parallel flow configuration. The burner flame and exhaust gases do not come into contact with the contaminated material. The drum rotates within an insulated chamber, which can be heated by combination fuel burners capable of burning natural gas, fuel oil, syngas, or propane.

As the drum rotates, the surface of the contaminated material exposed to the metal surface is continuously renewed which facilitates the transfer of heat from the heated chamber through the drum to the material. The material is heated to a sufficient temperature to volatilize the contaminants. This is achieved under anaerobic conditions thereby preventing oxidation of the hydrocarbons. Gases and water produced throughout the process are treated to remove remaining hydrocarbons. The process described above is explosion proof and is delivered and operated as a complete system with control room. The system operates at a maximum temperature of 450°C but generally 380°C is sufficient for treatment purposes. The system essentially removes all oil from solids and water.



Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials. Incineration and other high-temperature waste treatment systems are described as "thermal treatment". Incineration of waste materials converts the waste into ash, flue gas, and heat.


Waste Handling and Transportation

At Giolee Global Resources Ltd, we handle all waste in a safe and efficient manner taking into consideration associated safety precautions. Wastes generated from locations are contained in closed skips. . Our skips are certified and always properly covered to avoid any secondary contamination on transit. The skips are loaded and offloaded using crane or forklift, in compliance to all safety regulations.Our crane/forklift operators are skilled, certified and have years of experience. Transportation is via Pre-mobbed, legally compliant and ‘fit for purpose’ vehicles (i.e. Low-bed Truck) with appropriate documentation and driven by fully trained operators.

Skips are decontaminated after each use by washing with degreasers. Water generated from the washing is managed at the waste treatment facility. Prior to the incineration of waste,Giolee ensures the separation of the waste constituents using settling tanks that allows oil to float, with the heavy sludge and settable solids remaining at the bottom of the tank by gravity. Oil is partially recovered and the waste water are treated before discharge to the environment in compliance with DPR effluent limitation standards while the sludge is incinerated. The sludge and contaminated soil are incinerated at a temperature between 900 - 13000C.  Giolee ensures the tracking and statutory documentations in respect to the waste and incinerator are prepared and always available.




Solidification / Stabilization

This method involves employing cement as the principal agent. Waste materials are mixed with cement followed by the addition of water for hydration, if necessary. The hydration of the cement forms a crystalline structure, consisting of calcium alumino-silicate. This results in a rock-like, monolithic, hardened mass.


Waste Management in Oil Spill Clean-Up and Remediation

At Giolee, we understand that every spill produces specific waste according to the quality of oil spilled (i.e the characteristics and weathering of the oil spilled), the substrate and the presence of seaweed and debris. Other factors that determine the type and quantity of waste generated includes the quantity and area of spill, the recovery and clean-up techniques implemented, among others. Common wastes associated with oil spill clean-up and remediation are caked soil-oil mixture or sludge, used adsorbents, dead vegetation, cans, plastics and bottles, food wastes, oily wastes, etc. Giolee ensures proper waste characterization by sorting and separation in other to determine the appropriate treatment method and final disposal in line with regulatory permits.




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